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Main characteristic of electric bicycle

      Based on world first-class management level, channel ISO9001-2000 quality management system into all side, with advanced technology and craft, steady product quality, perfect after-sale service, "YIREN" brand electric bicycles gain the masses of consumers' great kindness.

Low-speed motor with brush
    1. With low noise, high efficiency, driving force is great, It is reversing that there is no
        spark, extend the service life of a electric brush.
    2. Consist of the special unique overheated protector, prevent the slow demagnetization
        and hinder of rotation of motor to damage itself, extend the service life of motor.
    3. It is strong, 125 kilograms of load is weak not to see at all.

    1. Simple structure, easy to form a complete set, and the maintenance rate is low.
    2. Electrodeless to transfer speed, easy to operate, have many kinds of protection function
       of resist to press, pass and flow, overheated, brake, cutting off the power supply etc..

Battery and Charger
    1. The battery that our company mixes have double compatible characteristic with high
        capacity and long service life, we introduced the new concept that" the sealed type can
        be safeguarded", and innovate to study on the maintenance technology, improve the
        result of safeguarding.
    2. The charger, the controller, the motor is the important factors influencing the service
        life of the battery indirectly, So our company make synthetical optimization of the
        charger, the controller and the motor to guarantee the distance travelled and service
        life of the battery.
    3. The service life of our battery is estimate out as follow: half a year in new style, half a
        year in old style, half a year in safeguard style. so a group of batteries could be used
        for a year or more and should be out of question. The daily cost of battery is less than
        one yuan.

      Company's new product style is various,the details are as follows: seatpad like motorcycle's and back centre shock attenuation make every effort comfort of taking. The front shelf board strengthened and plateform footboard are designed, let your both feet not drenched in the rain, The front headlight is used for lighting, the back taillight is warning light, the left and right steering lamps remind from side to side, Ultra big rear-view mirror, all these think about your security invariably.

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