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 I. While choosing the electric bicycle, should pay attention to five items of
     criterion and four main points.

Criterion No.1: See the trademarks

  Nowadays, there are so many electric bicycle trademarks in the market, consumers should choose the one which has a longtime running history, seldom repairing, and with a good quality and reputation.For example, they should choose the enterprise which have passed through the ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certificate.

Criterion No.2: Lay stress on the after-sale service
  At present, many electric bicycle parts have not in common use, and also the state of repairing has not became a socialization. So the consumers should make sure whether there there is a specially repairing agency of the electric bicycles they have chosen.If they take no notice of the after-sale service though it will probably be fooled.

Criterion No.3: Choose the suitable styles
  There are mainly four styles of the electric bicycles----luxurious,general,anti-seismic and light. Among which the luxurious have the complete functions but high price, the general have succinct structure, and economical usage, alse the light one is very dexterous but has a short route. So the consumers should know this before buying them.

Criterion 4: Check-out the parts
  The intensity and the natural capacity of the electric bicycle is requested higher than the common bicycle. So the users should pay attention to the quality of all the parts when they buying them,e.g., make sure whether there is any flaw of soldering between the frame and the fork lift, whether the tires they choose are famous brand, whether the shutters are rust-prevernt ,and so on.

Criterion 5: Consider the mileage
  The general mileage of a new series of 36v/12Ab battery is 50kms,so , in ordinary, it is better to ride at most 35kms a day,because the different statements of the road will influence the normal mileage a lot .And if you will use it over than 50kms a day , you should think about if there is a possibility to charge your battery twice a day at intervals .If it is impossible , you had better not choose the electric bycicle.

Here is the main points when you choosing the electric bicycles.
1. Check-out the appearance , see if the paint and electroplate are firm.
2. Operation it by yourself following the instruction, To check the working state of the
    whole vehicle. It should be level and smooth in adjusting speed, the start has not shock
    wave, the wheel rotates flexibly, the hub rotates with soft sound, the brake should be
    appropriate in elasticity and reliable to apply.
3. Then check it out whether the auxiliary functions (such as the electric indicator, speed
    indicator, and the mileage indicator ),are running well.
4. Make sure that the form complete sets ,charger ,certificate of inspection book of
    direction, and maintenance card are all complete.

  II. There are many brands of electric bicycle in market, and they are differ a lot
      in price. Which kind should you buy?

  There are a lot of brands of the electric bicycle on the market at present, but the quality is widely different, very different. Consumers not only select the style, color of the electric bicycle according to one's own taste at the time of purchasing, but also should understand how about its quality and if it has more perfect after-sale services, how is" three guarantees". Especially should considered carefully to some electric bicycles of low price.

  The statistics show, at present, the enterprises of manufacturing electric vehicle has already exceeded 300 in domestic, but there is only over 10 enterprises which has annual production capacity of 10,000 pieces. The electric bicycles of the majority of enterprises are equipped, they produce " cloning" vehicle with low quality and price in a large amount, far from the after-sale service at all.

  At present, one high price of electric bicycle is more than 3000 yuan on the market, ordinary type is more than 2500 yuan, but recently the price of several brands of electric bicycle are lower than 1500 yuan. they have fine appearances, the feeling of riding is also fine in the beginning, but it" breaks down" many times after using a short time, the maintenance cost remain high.

  The design and manufacture of electric bicycle is a system engineering, For example, the design of frame and control circuit, the match of controller , battery, motor and charger, are the key ensuring the quality of products. It has a strict systematic request in design of whole vehicle, choice of parts, assemble, debug and examine.

  To adopt the low-grade material and choose the accessories at will is the important factor of Influencing vehicle going normally and shortening service life, even leave the potential safety hazard. So piecing together can not produce good quality.

  After making a detailed analysis, the relevant expert think that, because the electric bicycle of low price has sequelae in quality, consumer could cost a lot of maintenance cost, so the final consumption expenditure exceeds the famous-brand vehicle's often.

    III. While choosing the electric bicycle, will not merely choose
        style, the more important thing is that pays attention to the
        prestige and brand.

  In order to standardize the electronic bicycle trade, promote the electronic bicycle of our country to be developed in a healthy way, safeguard consumers' legitimate rights, the national trade administrative department --Chinese Bicycle Association post "Prestige Marking " already registered by National Industrial and Commercial Bureau to high quality products from 2000. The products which has been posting the "Prestige Marking" indicate that it's quality has reached national standard, the enterprise has good after-sale service system, can fulfil the guarantee regulation of the products strictly.

  IV. Which kinds of motor does the electric bicycle use? which one has more

  The motor used in the electric wheel hub at present has three kinds of forms mainly.(1) High speed motor with brush. This motor has electric brush, own high efficiency, ability of the overload and climbing is strong, the motive force is great, but there is a noise slightly. (2) Motor without brush. This motor hasn't electric brush and moderating device. It has the advantages of non-maintaining and non-noise, but the controller is relatively complicated, the starting current is great, the ability of the overload and climbing is relatively weak. (3) Low speed motor with brush. This motor has electric brush, there is no moderating device. The structure is simple and the cost is relatively low, but it's efficiency is relatively low, the ability of the overload and climbing is relatively bad. These three kinds of motors all have themselves' advantages. The first one is used more one at present.

   V. Two items should be paid attention while using the electronic bicycle daily.

  The first item is hardworking to charge. Using lead-acid battery should form the habit charged at any time, must not charge when the electricity has been used up, otherwise will influence the service life of the battery. If does not use for a long time, it also need charge once per month. Please pay attention to selecting the related special-purpose charger while charging, the charger has the function of protection when charging, even charge for a long time( seldom exceed 24 hours), will not damage the battery either.

  The second item is hardworking to maintain. When the electric bicycle is used, if meet the situation of rainy water accumulation, don't let water flood the hub centre. The tire should be sufficient air at ordinary time, close the electric switch in time while getting off the electric bicycle. In going up a slope or riding against the wind, propose to ride with the helping of manpower. It is favorable to lengthenning the service life of battery. should on time send to maintenance department appointed by manufacturer for overhaul after breaking down.

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