Quality Policy
,Insist on the technological
,Strengthen quality control
,Devoted to improving
,Guarantee that customers
    are satisfied
Quality Goal
,Return rate of raw materials
    is < 5°
,Rate of finished products
    not be qualified is < 5°
,Return rate of finished
    products is < 5°
,number of products which
    the customer complains is
    < 2PCS per month
Quality Promise
,Does not accept the bad
,Does not produce the bad
,Do not delivery the bad
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           The company has implemented in the strategy connecting with international standards, set up quality control and guarantee system according to ISO9001 quality management system, and passed through ISO9001 quality system authentication. It creates favourable conditions for participating in more international cooperation.

We imprort a complete of advanced manufacturing and testing equipments, which makes products quality well controlled in each step through the manufacture process, so a best state of input and output is obtained.

      The designing, production and sale of our products run effectively under quality certification system, the product quality has got strict control, our quality goal is to pursue outstanding, reach "zero defect" of products. The main quality control procedure is as follows:

  1. Examination and control procedure of materials
  2. Examination and control procedure of process
  3. The final examination and control procedure
  4. Control procedure of subquality products
  5. Service control procedure

1.We mainly take two ways to check on the raw materials that are purchased.
  1) About the materials that performance can measure, the quality control department
      make examination according to the test standard of purchasing the materials.
  2) About the materials that performance can't measure, we judge the whole quality
      state through doing the craft test of trying out.
   We strictly control subquality products to flow into production process through the above two ways.

Testing Centre

2.Examination procedure of process
  1) All products go on 100% examine all, reject the subquality product without exception.
  2) Completely carry out the standard, to make the test method more science and dependability.
   We strictly control subquality products to flow into next process through the above two ways.

3.The final examination and control procedure
     Make appropriate test standard according to products examination requirement, go on examination and test to the products.
     We strictly control subquality products to flow into market through the above way. The above three kinds of inspection personnel engaged in examining must be trained by human resource department, they need hold the card on duty.

4.Treatment procedure of subquality products
  1) There are two examination teams to the treatment of subquality products, the first
      one is made up of process inspector, class monitor and group leader, the second
      one is made up of technological craft inspector and technological manager.
  2) The treatment ways of subquality products are as follows: do over again, reprocess,
      demote, scrap, analyse the reason and draw out improving scheme,etc..
    Besides the above measure, also through the control of production, examining, measuring, testing equipment and environment,etc., to strengthen management to product quality.

5.Service control procedure
  About the after-sale service
  First: Make after-sale service verify report regularly;
  Second: Examine and analyse the phenomenon not up to standard which the
  customers feedback, and draw out improving scheme, we are responsible for users.

      Quality is life of enterprise, in order to guarantee company's product quality strictly, the company sets up the department that protects quality specially, including measuring, examination, laboratory. It is equipped with more than 50 sets of various kinds of test and checkout equipments, 20 sets of computer. The company owns 5 quality inspectors passed international quality system authentication, they make supervision constantly under the guidance of professional quality administrative staff to improve company's quality management level.

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