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General Manager: Yin Xiaodong

      Several years' business history is a textbook in which the knowledge, courage and confidence of Green Dream is recored and the commitment, aspiration and speciality of Green Dream is expressed.(Perhaps someone will say we are too foolish. Yes, we are . let them be clever and happy themselves.)Now, we have get accustomed to the roaring production line and the busy but ordered job.

      "Green service, Yiren always give you the first piece" is our long held philosophy which bring full display of the vitality, solidity, creativity, renovation, enterprising and pioneering spirits of our company, as well as our User Centered, most prompt and more human-friendly sevice principles.

      Our ambition and mission may be depicted with and ancient Chinese poem:The strong wind would break billows out; the cloud-like sail could move the sea about.

      Green Dream can't afford to lose because we believe money can be lost but the care from the society can nervr be lost.

      We cordially expect the chance to cooperate with you and believe Green Dream will realize our common happy dream through our common efforts.

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