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People first, create bright life
      Annotation: The company makes human resource as the first key resource element of enterprise development. The staff are in enterprises, with the development of enterprise, the personal income increases, personal overall qualities have been improved, the personal development space has increased. The products are designed according to humanization, it can fully meet consumers' different demands. Green and health are symbol of bright life, company is a carrier that staffs march towards bright life, concentric from head to foot, progress together.
1.Insist on sincere, do things conscientiously, good at communicating.
2.Do the correct thing, do the correct thing well.
3.Often keep professional dedication, maintain customer's interests everywhere.
4.The world is very wide if your heart has no selfish ideas.
5.Looking for more reasons subjectively, emphasize few objective factors.
6.Three sentences every day:
  1) What do I do for the company today?
  2) What can I do for the company tomorrow?
  3) What can I still do for the company?
7.The market can be without us, but we can't have no market.
8.No market can't be done well, only there is people can't do the market well.
Based on integrity, Win through copperation
      What presented before us is an interest group which complement with each other perfectly: one is the selling agents, the other is us .
       The selling agents get greater return by selling our products. And our value will be maximized through the work of selling agents.
       We are born of the market demand, and grow with the expectation of selling agent. Steadily growing market is our common life.
      The pattern adopts the "YI" in chinese shape of "YI REN" and two same rounds to form. The "YI" in chinese shape just like a rider, and the two same rounds like two wheels of the bike, it has movement sensation of the times, and expresses characteristic of the products, also could easily make people to produce association. The combination of three key elements signifies the concerted development of enterprise and society, enterprise and customers, enterprise and staffs, also signifies the inalienable cohesiveness inside enterprise, imports the key concept of creating "Green Service" and the enterprise spirit of constantly forward and innovation. The red and black color collocates, it's visual impact is strong, give somebody with deep impression, and easy to remember and spread.
      The trade mark is accuracy, imagely, lively, striking, has the flavour of the times, and it also considered the convenience of manufacturing technology, has provided convenience for the issue on all kinds of media of the image.

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